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    Aplicatii pt Surenos



    Numarul mesajelor : 1
    Data de inscriere : 22/10/2010

    Aplicatii pt Surenos

    Mesaj Scris de spike la data de Vin Oct 22, 2010 11:24 pm

    Model aplicatie:

    Character Information

    -Orasul in care locuiti (Los Santos, San Fierro, Las Venturas):
    -De cat timp locuiti aici:
    -Sex (masculin/feminin):
    -Varsta (in joc):
    -Job-uri precedente:
    -Job curent:
    -Detineti vreun record, un premiu special, o calificare intr-unul din job-uri?
    -Ati fost vreodata arestat sau reclamat?
    -Biografie (a caracterului) - minim 100 cuvinte: (EXEMPLU: Erik is a well-known mechanic. His family lives in Dillimore. He started a day with a smile. He usually greet all people he saw everyday. San Andreas is a very good place to live in. Until the day came when too many hooded gangs with guns storm his place and started beating him and his family. They looted everything they see. The hooded gangs looted his neighbors as well and they left with all the goods and injured people. He realized that it needs to be finish or one day his family will be dead in his arms. He decided to go to the police station and filed reports against the hooded gangs. There he saw that LSPD is needing applicants. He immediately fill out forms and applied for a cadet. He knows that one day he will be a police officer and he can protect his family and all San Andreas. )

    Real Life Info

    -Varsta reala:
    -Orasul in care locuiti (in realitate):
    -In ce parte a zilei sunteti dispus sa jucati?
    -Care este level-ul caracterului dvs?
    -Stiti ce este TeamSpeak si cum se foloseste?
    -Detineti un microfon functional?
    -De ce doriti acest job?
    -Ce cunostiinte aveti despre gangurile de cartier?
    -Alte mentiuni pe care ati dori sa le faceti sau ar trebui sa le stim despre dvs:

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