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    Server Rules, English Version


    Numarul mesajelor : 329
    Data de inscriere : 22/07/2009
    Varsta : 23
    Localizare : Drobeta Turnu Severin

    Server Rules, English Version

    Mesaj Scris de BaDB0y la data de Vin Mar 12, 2010 4:47 pm

    Main rule: Civilized behaviour

    1. Language

    It isn't allowed or encouraged using an improperly language to harass other players, texts with racial verbals or abbreviation of those. Insults / broadsides will be punished with a kick / ban. Don't answer with the same language at insults / offenses or else you will most likely be punished too . Contact immediately an admin which can end the conflict. If the insults aren't addressed to a player (lag, mouse, the thing he missed the opponents head) it is recommended to keep it quiet. Applying penalties or not will depend on how bad the language is . This decision will be taken by the admin .
    Insults brought to players
    - First warning: 7 days ban minimum
    - Second warning: 14 days ban minimum
    - Third warning: 21 days ban minimum
    - Fourth warning: 45 days ban minimum
    - Fifth warning: permanent ban
    All the discussion must be visible in the screenshot , to see if it wasn't caused in some way or another , you can make a screenshot by pressing F8 while playing .
    Insults can be claimed only by the person who was insulted.

    Swearings , obscene signs and the vulgar/obscene language will be penalized according to :
    - First warning: 14 days ban minimum
    - Second warning: 30 days ban minimum
    - Third warning: 45 days ban minimum
    - Fourth rule: permanent ban
    Indecent language, obscene signs and swearings said in the normal chat can be claimed by anyone and will be punished even if the complain was not made by the person who the language was addressed to.
    Abbreviations will be punished just like the swearing explained .

    Swearings brought to the server or to an admin(doesn't matter the name) will be punished in accordance with:
    - First warning: 30 days ban minimum
    - Second warning: permanent ban

    2. Bad behaviour against an admin

    Insulting an admin
    - First warning: 30 days ban minimum
    - Second warning: permanent ban
    Swearing an admin will get you permanently banned with no previous warnings .

    Inadequate behaviour towards admins (including bad jokes, disturbing the events, refusing to justify your money etc.) will be punished with 10 to 30 days ban , depending on the admin .

    Nicknames that are similar to the ones used by the admins will be permanently banned.
    Everyone who pretends to be related with one or more admins will be banned for at least 20 days.

    3. Threatening other players or pretending that you are an admin will be penalized in accordance with :
    - First warning: 30 days ban minimum
    - Second warning: permanent ban

    Unproven accusations against an admin
    - First warning: 40 days ban minimum
    - Second warning: permanent ban

    Falsifying proofs will get you permanently banned.

    4. Cheating
    - Those who will be caught cheating will be permanently banned on the IP class
    - Those who will use cheats like money cheat, weapon cheat, speed hack, jetpack, health / armor cheat, etc will get their account permanently banned . They will get though one more chance to play on a new account but if they use any kind of cheats on the new account too , they will get their IP address permanently banned .
    - Bug abuse is not allowed ! With or whitout help from programs (hacks) , exploiting a bug is ILLEGAL!
    - Don't log in to someone else's account , use your own one .
    - For those who get their Ip address banned because of putting in a wrong password for 3 times , excuses like : “I've just logged on a friends account to see what he had. I didn't know” are NOT accepted.
    - Every account which contains money from bug abusing will be permanently banned.
    - Every account that used hacks can be brought to IP class ban. It is recommended for those who own an internet cafe /games club to verify those things and stop their clients from using hacks/cheats.

    5. Advertising , even if it isn't related to GTA will get both your IP address and your account permanently banned .

    6. Clone accounts
    It is permitted to have more accounts but only of you do not transfer money from one to another (e.g. : getting a secondary account and transfer the money to your main one) , otherwise you will get permanently banned.

    7. Deathmatching
    Exagerated deathmatching (example: a guy comes and kill 7 players) will be punished with prison + warn in game. If you accumulate 3 (three) warnings , you will get banned for at least 7 days . Nonexcessive killing between players is allowed and won't be punished by admins! Only by Police Department, F.B.I. and National Guard.

    8. AFK (Away from Keyboard) Rule
    AFK is allowed only if the player isn't interfering with other player's actions . Example: If a hitman gets a contract on a player and that player is afk so he can't be killed, the player will be kicked . Also if he blocks a street while he's AFK , he will recieve a kick. If you want to go afk it is recommended to go somewhere inside a house or somewhere where you won't interfere with other players.

    9. Anti-Deathmatching rule in safe zone
    Deathmatching(killing other players) at the train station in San Fierro (most exactly from the driving school to the news reporter building) will be punished from in-game prison to 7 days ban .

    10. Other rules
    Parking a helicopter on a street it's illegal. Park it on a building or a special heli-park.
    Parking in front of the Bank is illegal. You will go to jail for 30 minutes if you're caught doing this.
    Bunny hoping (jumping constantly to "dodge" the bullets or to get somewhere faster than normal) it's strictly illegal on the server .
    If you're followed by the cops, you're not allowed to jump in the Ocean or in any other waters to escape from the cops. This thing is considered to be Non-RP.
    Don't hit the cop's car intentionally to be followed. It's also non-rp .
    Players that don't report the money received from cheaters will lose all their money including the money which they worked hard for .

    Illegal weapons:
    Legal weapons: deagle , shotgun. Those guns can be bought from both arms dealers and gunshops.
    Illegal weapons: mp5, m4, ak-47, rifle. Those weapons can be obtained only from gunshops and if you get caught with such weapons , you will get arrested even if you do have a weapon license and you will lose you license too .


    In any other unexpected or unmentioned situation , the moderators/admins will have the last word.
    We don't answer for the stolen money or stolen accounts. The only way to avoid this , is to keep your account's password safe and hard enough to guess by someone else.
    If you get banned and the rules change and according to the new rules you should get unbanned , you will still be banned because , before the rules changed , you broke them . What are we trying to say is that the accounts which are already banned will not get unbanned because now , breaking the same rule is punished in other way .

    Translated by: BaDB0y

    Owner FunBase

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